Monday, February 19, 2007

I am put to shame

I met this Danish photographer who was out taking pictures of The Arcade Fire the last two weeks. He was a really cool guy. When I was at JFK waiting for my flight back to SF I saw him scouting out the food court looking for something inoffensive to eat. We ended up having lunch and chatting for an hour or so, mostly about the differences between the US and Denmark (there are a few). He showed me a bunch of pictures that he had taken of the shows for a New York magazine piece and told me to check out his website, which I just did. I have to say that I am a bit dumbfounded by his work. It is really impressive. If you have the time and/or the interest then check it out here. I think I may have said '' Right.



I am back home today, having escaped the cold malaise of NY. All I've got to show for it is a sore throat and a mild headache. In spite of my sickness I did get to see almost everyone that I was looking for when I was there. It was, all in all, a really good time.

Harley and I went out to the Moma one day. I hadn't been since they reopened. I sometimes forget how amazing that collection is.

I call this one 'The Persistence of People Taking Photos of The Persistence of Memory.'

I wonder what Picasso would have thought. I'm guessing he would have tried to frame this guy and hang him on a wall.

I got to hang with my pals Kamil and Laura who I had not seen in a while. New York must have felt like Barbados after a Chicago winter. They are the best married couple that I know. They haven't once talked to me about their new livingroom set, their mortgage rate or their children (or lack there of). I once accidentally set one leg of my pants on fire in their apartment. They have since forgiven me.

I am planning on going to the beach and maybe seeing the new Terry Gilliam movie at the Red Vic tonight. Then I will begin the physical and mental preparations for a month in Europe. Maybe I'll give it another day or two. Some of us are halfway there. Tim shaved his beard into a weird little rapist 'tache. I think that's the equivalent of registering yourself as a sex offender in some states.

I am looking forward to this next tour a bit. The week in NY was great. In spite of all ten members of the band being deathly ill, they pulled off some of their best shows yet. Each night Win's voice got progressively worse. by Friday he was advised not to talk at all so that he would be able to sing. He agreed and took to writing little notes in a note pad. When he filled up a page he would tear it out and drop it on the floor. In order to write something to me about the projector blinding the v.i.p's on the balcony he had to tear this page out. I'm still not really sure what to make of it. I wonder what the other end of the conversation could have been about to warrant the response 'Albert Einstein.'


Here's to ten days off. Things are about to get interesting.


It's true. I put this here heap together one year ago today. It all started with me being bored in Brooklyn, and here I am, 365 days later, on the opposite coast, a year wiser, doing the same damn thing. I'm not sure if things have improved or not, but I'm pretty sure I am as depraved and discontent as I was when I first wrote some stupid stuff about mogwai and some book that I was reading. Thanks for reading and for those of you who do, thanks for writing. I enjoy peeking into your lives every now and again.