Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coffee and TV

Last weekend was a short jaunt up to Canada that turned into a bit of an extended road trip. It might have been more fun if work hadn't been associated with it. Also, whenever they get around to building an airport in Vancouver I'll be a happy little guy. After leaving the apartment at 6:45 AM, flying 2 hours, taking  a cab to Seattle, and then driving seven hours up to Whistler including a border crossing, it's safe to say that I felt pretty much like a dick with legs.

It was nice, as usual to see everyone. We met up at The Hall of Justice in Ballard and filled ourselves with biscuits and gravy for our long dive.

It sure was pretty.

The hotel and festival were site were up in Whistler at an active ski resort. It was a hell of a place for a festival. I didn't really pay much attention to anything other than the VIP bar, but as usual I got to see some old friends.

All told it was about 45 minutes worth of work in broad daylight.

It was the end of the line for the Interpolers. Their last show was on Friday, the first day of the festival. I walked up on stage on Sunday to find this familiar little artifact, Interpol's keyboards. I sent Ally an email with a picture of it. He responded rather quickly suggesting that I just push it into a ditch and leave it there for future civilizations to ponder over.

Now I'm back in my living room, digging my home and SF. My neighbor, incidentally, is an extra from Mad Max, and I think that he is awesome. I have this elaborate fantasy that involves eating pizza with him on a merry-go-round.