Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kill it With Fire


I've spent most of my chilly Thursday afternoon indoors dicking around with Kinja, the mad organizer for life on the interweb. It has yet to make my life any simpler, but it sure is fun. I find myself reading more blogs these days, and becoming increasingly interested, from a purely voyeuristic standpoint, in other people's lives. Occasionally you will stumble upon someone's blog that is an honest to god journal, and you can get a real candid glimpse of their life on a farm in rural England, or their day at home raising their children. Sometimes I think that people lead more interesting, or fulfilling lives than I do, which may be the case, but they sure have a knack for documenting it. It gives me hope in this crazy, mixed up world of sometimes overwhelming technology, so take more pictures of goats and tell me what you fed the baby for lunch.

These are just a few of my daily obsessions:

Grow a Brain
Paige Six
Epicly Later'd
Unchanging Window
This is Happening to Me

Here's my ode to a beautiful day, although I have yet to set foot outside my apartment. The sun is out, but it looks a bit chilly, and New York One is telling me that it is 48 degrees..all the same...

Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields)- What a Fucking Lovely Day mp3

Kwaya Na Kisser (this guy is pretty fresh for a Canadian) has uploaded a Mogwai show from Chicago the other night. I haven't made it all the way through, but I'm sure it's a doozey. Download Like Herod mp3, or get the whole damn thing here.

I've been listening to Amusement Parks on Fire ever since I picked up the record at Amoeba. I think I like it, although I could see these guys wearing leather pants and maybe smashing a few Squire guitars that they tote around for that sole purpose. Either way, I like this one:

Amusement Parks on Fire- Venus in Cancer mp3

It is, however, almost note for note, the same as Dinosaur Jr's 'Little Fury Things.' Really. At least the first few bars, anyway.

Dinosaur Jr.- Little Fury Things mp3

That's a good looking dog...

so there