Wednesday, January 07, 2009

four-legged bastards

So, it appears that there's a mouse in the apartment. The little fella is catching me at a particularly bad point as I've got lots of free hours in the day, and a wicked case of seasonal depression. I've mostly been playing Goatsnake and Cop Shoot Cop at near unbearable levels (everyone knows mice can't deal), and standing guard with a can of hairspray, a lighter and a hammer. In the outside chance that he shows his furry little face I will gut him like a fish and paint the walls with his blood. God help him if he steps in a glue trap because then I'll be forced to make an example of him. Indoor hunting aside, it's been slow and lazy at home. The weather has been mostly grim with an occasional bout of cold despair.

Last week we went for a good, long hike up in Marin. It was pleasantly quiet and deserted for a weekend, and the sun even peeked through the fog for a few hours.

I'm leaving for North Carolina for a week starting tomorrow, mostly for the peace and quiet, but also for a little break in my groundhog day vacation. Until then.