Monday, January 29, 2007

Booby Hatch

That means 'insane asylum.' I didn't know that. I was expecting my limited vocabulary to have at least doubled due to the nonstop crossword puzzling that I have been doing the last few weeks. Granted, like I said, I cheat horribly, but only because I don't like feeling frustrated. I have to say that the other day I read my favorite crossword clue yet. It was: someone with free junk, and the word was 'nudist'. Amazing.There is a bunch of stinky cheese festering away in my fridge right now. Got it at a cheese store in Healdsburg today which means that I drove the 90 mins or so up the 101 out of the city. It was an amazing, warm day today.

I was thinking about my friend Ben who moved to SF from NY right when I was moving from NY to SF. He is the most even-keeled guy that I know, but he had a near complete breakdown on the phone with me when he was driving to Ikea on the BQE. These days he is bumming (mostly because he works at Wholefoods in Union Square, which is not unlike Calcutta with better air conditioning) because he realized that he never gets a chance to get out of the city, which is true. I have spent months in NY without leaving the island. It's not good for your constitution. I have been trekking lately out here, so as not to feel bound by the city. Making the most of my dwindling time off, I guess. This past weekend a few of us went out to Berkeley to celebrate our friend Erin's birthday. We had really good beer, and a laugh or two.

I met someone who got married recently in Las Vegas by a later years Elvis. She was there to go to a video game conference where the creator of Pitfall was giving a lecture. Sweeeeet. Tomorrow I am going to unclog the bathroom sink and go see my good friend the dentist. Even Sweeter. I just remembered that I'm going to see Fu Manchu next month. That is all. Soon I will be doing this again:

ps...whoever managed to find this blog by searching google for 'cow fucking' we may have a bit of a misunderstanding.