Saturday, December 02, 2006

Permanently Out of Service

The TV in my bunk isn't so much working these days.

But I don't mind, because while most of the country is either under several inches of snow or rain or just plain cold, I am in Arizona. This may be one of the only times that I am really pleased to say that. It took us nearly a full day to drive here, but I am over it. The sun is shining and it's in the 70's today. This is what Houston looked like for the five minutes that I spent outside all day.

Today things are looking up. Sunlight is really good for my head, and I'll be getting plenty of it the next couple of days. If it all works out I'll be seeing some good friends as well. This is my attempt at work today. Artifical light plus sunlight makes for a rather difficult day for me, but I've had worse.

The ride out, although long, was gorgeous.

The land flattens out, gets pretty barren, and the only living things are generally pretty dangerous.

I know right?

This is a fountain in New Mexico that was iced over at around noon. Bizarre.

Sometimes the things I work with are photogenic...usually not, however.

We are off to Vegas tonight. I was there two years ago and won $300. I took a bunch of people out to dinner at Nobu. Last year H was playing slot machines and came away with a bunch of money. I'm not sure how much, but I think he bought a laptop. We'll see how it goes this time.


Yesterday I spent 18 hours on a bus traveling from Houston to Mesa, Arizona (more on that later). Among the many inane things I did to occupy myself was watch the movie Silent Hill, which I downloaded a few weeks ago. I am a sucker for a cheesy horror film and love as much gore as I can get in a film. I have to say that the first hour and a half or so of this movie was one of the most painful cinematic experiences of my life. There was little or no plot, totally lame CG ghosts floating around and absolutely no point to any of it. I also have to say that the last ten minutes of the movie totally redeemed the first 90. There is this instant Hellraiser turn that evolves into this terrific display of what could only have been stage hands throwing buckets of fake blood and ground beef at the camera. Brilliant. There are a number of decapitations, and a few, I don't know what you call it when someone gets ripped in half, but a few of those as well. There is really no reason for any of it, but hot damn. Lexi found it on youtube this morning...

ps...Ally got me a Melvins shirt.