Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Clandestine Thought on A Rainy Day

I'm in Amsterdam today. It's rainy and wonderful. Water seems to drive the tourists away. Well, water and giant lizards.

I was just at this very same venue maybe a moth ago, the Paradiso. It is an amazing old church in the heart of the city. A really great place to do a show.

Amsterdam is a bizarre place to me. It always has been. Every time I'm here I find something new and relatively out of place.

I think this says something about humans not peeing on...something. Damn. I've been peeing all over Amsterdam and I'm not sure what I should be avoiding. What is that, Latin? Who carves something like that into marble anyways?

Yesterday was another fancy-pants German festival. I think I mentioned that the police stopped bands from playing so that they could show the German world cup game. It looked something like this:

Everyone sat down to watch the screens, which was pretty amazing. Courtesy times ten thousand.

Nada Surf, who were bumped for the game, played a fifteen minute set during the break in the match.

They were really good, and walked into the crowd after they played to watch the game with the kids.

The heat and constant dust storms drove some of us a bit mad. Either that or some of us are just from LA and in gangs. Who's really to say?

This is pretty amazing. I took a picture of this guy last year at Glastonbury because he had one of the worst, or comically best haircuts I had ever seen in all my life. He turned up yesterday at this festival and I was afforded a second chance to photograph this amazing event. I will find my pictures from last year, but in the time being, here's a picture of my friend Brian laughing at the haircut that is just beyond him in the background. Priceless.

This was almost exactly one year ago.

Tomorrow is a day off in London. I may do laundry, I may not.

How to disappear...