Monday, June 19, 2006

Around the world in 20-odd days

I'm leaving today, for almost a month. Packing. Staring at my 'round-the-world' ticket. It's daunting to see your life laid out on paper like this. I am going to miss this place so much.

Yesterday, in spite of the blazing heat, I rode my bike around Williamsburg one last time.

Today I am feeling mostly like this guy. Once strong, but now broken, although maybe not so asian or superhero-esque.

I am flying from New York to Munich tonight to work a festival of, I;m assuming, mostly mediocre rock bands in the middle of the day. The last time I was in Munich, generally a pretty depressing and hard place, I saw this. Every time I look at this picture it makes me happy.

These posts may again become infrequent in the coming weeks. Forgive me, and I'll let you slide on having an overbite, a dirty mind or kicking that dog once when you were a kid.