Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wisconsin Death Trip

Inside, the velvet, oak darkness of another historic American theatre beckons.

But outside, the residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin have gone ape-shit and declared St.Patrick's day a week early. Maybe there was a scheduling conflict with some sporting event wherein they might wear a cheese hat or something. Understandable. What a way to wake up though. Check this madness:

The bagpipers put on one of the worst displays of piping that I have ever heard. Watch it here.

The pre-teen dance troupe was vaguely reminiscent of the village of the damned.


Everyone went nuts when this guy came out to shovel horse shit. He was terribly embarrassed. I really felt for him, but at least he wasn't a grown man dressed as a giant sandwich for fuck's sake.

I also found the most amazing book store in the world. I have no idea what it was called, but I can tell you that it is in Milwaukee, and is about twice the size of Switzerland. It was a few stories of shelves in the most impeccable order, and they even had a Kurt Vonnegut section.

Seriously considering crossing Milwaukee off of my 'List of Cities to Raze to the Ground.' Mind you, I did say 'considering.'

Wrigleyville hose-hound

'Lonely Planet's' Guide to the USA calls the city of Chicago (particularly at night) 'bleak and forbidding.' I tend to agree with the bleak bit, Spoon clearly does not.

A little bit of Wilco, for a cold day in Chicago

Somewhere near the middle of this wall, written in a fine script, there are the words 'Neil loves ninjas.' But really, who doesn't?

The Local

In spite of its antiquated feel, Chicago has striven towards modernization in the technology sector.

Another day, another dark, miserable theatre...

Unless, of course, you are in the spotlight...

Went out to dinner at the reddest place on earth...

I found this little trinket in Louisville, and just rediscovered it in my pocket. If anyone is missing it please let me know. Most likely none of the three people who read this would have lost a corn medallion, but I'm just trying to express concern for my fellow corn-loving man. I'm not sure of it's monetary value, since precious metals are so rarely molded into the shape of something as banal as an ear of corn, but if you happened to be in row 'L' seat 24-ish of the Brown Theatre in Louisville, KY the other night then drop me a line. If not, it looks like I've got some gold corn to hang around my neck.