Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hot Chocolate

It's been some time since I've been able to update this old thing. While I have wifi on the tour bus it is unbearably slow with 11 people using it, so I am, at the moment, unable to upload any pictures. I am in Milwaukee tonight. It's like the fourth circle of hell, where people who pee in other's shampoo bottles go. It is cold and rainy and I had a pretty defeating day. This afternoon Walla came up to me, realizing that I was having a shit day and just said 'would you like some hot chocolate?' I was confused and asked him if he had any because it appeared that he didn't, but then just decided to forgo my confusion and said that yes, I would like some hot chocolate. He said 'yeah, you look like you could use some' and walked away. Alright. So, ten minutes later he walks up to me with a big cup of hot chocolate and places it in my hand and walks away. He had gone out just to get it for me. Sometimes things like that can really make your day. I sometimes wish that I had the intuition and compassion to do things like that. I will make an effort. So shut up. That's it. Ally and Harley you make me laugh you crazy bunch of dicks.

A Real Kick In The Pants

So, last night this guy proposed to his girlfriend during a misery-ridden slow jam. I don't know, it was pretty cute. If I didn't think that marriage was an act of cruelty I might have applauded his nerve. It's the two shadowy characters embracing eachother on the right.

Oh, Milwaukee.