Saturday, November 10, 2007


There is just so long that you can go without sleep. That has been the mantra for the last few days. Keep saying it. I'm not even sure what it means. There is a number of days that you can last before you stumble into the realm of dementia. Who's really to say? As always, travel is dangerous and exhausting. This is my recollection of SF to London to Lisbon. One long, sepia-toned highway.

My life in the air.

Before I knew it I was in Portugal...wandering the streets rather aimlessly.

After the first show in Lisbon all of us quietly mumbled '29 more days' to each other. Morale is just an afterthought. Europe is challenging each and every time, but this one is exceptional. The crew and I, who have been traveling together for the better part of eight months now, go our separate ways, I suppose, at the end of this one. There will be little fanfare. There will mostly be filth, exhaustion and homesickness.

Europe has been all that I hoped it can be so far. The food is scant, and often vaguely inedible...

The accommodations have been small and uninviting, to say the least...

And the work has been rough coupled with an often crippling language barrier and rampant jetlag...

But I think it's just withdrawal from home, from all things comfortable and familiar. That, and sleep.

Our bus is a tiny, submarine-esque vessel. The hallway is single file only, so narrow that I felt a rush of claustrophobia as soon as I walked down it. There are some big boys on this tour who I don't envy one bit.

That, plus the off-road driving style of our bus driver have dealt me a few sleepless nights.

Most of us are in the same boat, and get sleep where and when we can.

The shows, for the most part, have been packed and lively unlike most of the shows in the US. Lisbon was a mad house in some sort of coliseum. All that was missing was a lion and a christian or two.

Madrid, in spite of the fact that the club looks like an aquarium, was a pretty good one as well. This is where we ended our tour 2 years ago. Front of house is set up at the bar where they spoon feed you giant beers. We also accomplished the reign in blood change-over {wherein we get the support band off and the headliner on in 28 minutes, the exact length of Slayer's reign in blood record. This usually takes 45 minutes these days. Maybe it's the speed metal that is so encouraging.} Bobby is not impressed.

It has been amazing to have Blonde Redhead out with us again. When I first met them a few years ago I thought they were a really odd bunch of folks, and I suppose they are, but they are pals, and a really good band as well. When everyone would be waking up, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee we'd catch the twin brothers out in their matching track suits out for a jog. I also did lights for them at the bowery years ago. I thought they were the coolest damn thing. Still do.

The weather has turned cold and grim as we travel North. Today is a day off in Lyon. I'll mostly be indoors, I think, at least until the sun comes out.