Friday, November 17, 2006

Tits On a Bull

Feeling a little out of place. The tour is stretching on and morale is grim. We are 5 shows into an 8 in a row run. We have just blazed through Indianapolis, Birmingham and now Atlanta.

My sister drove out to the Columbus show. It was really great to see her. We had dim sum and took in a Death Cab show. It was magical.

I was in Indianapolis the other day, home to some of my relatives who I've never met. It was cold. I walked around for ages before I stumbled into the most interesting looking building that I could find. It happened to be the city library. They had this great bust of Kurt Vonnegut in the lobby. It made my day.

The rest of Indianapolis had an Eastern-block sort of feel to it.

After the show a bunch of us stumbled out to one of the most amazing bars that I've been to in a while. They served Jamaican patties behind the bar and had a juke box that was mostly Patsy Cline. It was the first time in 2 weeks that we all had a chance to relax and hang together.

Next was Birmingham, Alabama. We did a show in this old, gothic theatre. The carvings were amazing. This was the ceiling of the lobby. It looked like something from Hellraiser III. The well of souls.

The rest of Alabama, not so much. The local production company who supplied some of the lights and sound were an absolute riot. Damn near everything was broken and one of their crew guys was wearing sandals. We were totally perplexed until we saw what they had named their little, back-woods operation.

Another good show. That's five in a row, if you're counting.

Hotlanta, were the sun is usually shining and they have a restaurant called "Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles."

Oh, here's a really cool article on my old pal Nels Cline from rbally.