Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rube Goldberg

It's all a big chain reaction these days. One tour flows into the next, and as I finish work on one, the next begins. I don't suppose I'll be needing these much anymore.

My desk is starting to look a bit like a madman's lair. I have no excuse, other than maybe something brilliant will be shat out of the other end in a few weeks.

I saw my old pal Mark from NY days last night. He looks exactly the same except for the Geddy Lee shag that has sprouted on top of his head. He's out with Tokyo Police Club, who are a bunch of fresh-faced, well-mannered, and terribly optimistic young men who are doing quite well these days. I can't see that lasting too long, at least the fresh-faced, well-mannered part anyway.. Soon enough please and thank you will be replaced by 'where the shit are we?' and 'who the fuck spit in my latte?' Enjoy it while it lasts. I didn't even make it to the show, just to dinner before hand. I couldn't face the idea of loud noises and crowded rooms, but I'll bet it was a good one.

And one more day of home...


Oh yeah, and happy easter too...