Thursday, April 13, 2006

Requiem for Rockets

Question. Is it just me, or did the Daily News misspell 'Thursday' on the cover of the paper today?

Is it art? or is it art?

Hot damn it was beautiful in Brooklyn today. I grabbed a taco and sat on Bedford for about an hour, just reading the paper and watching people try to come to terms with the impending summer. Everyone seemed to be so happy and social today. I stopped by Buffalo Exchange on Driggs and that Yellow Submarine store on Hope Street and spent ages talking to the people who worked there. Bizarre. Amazing what a bit of direct sunlight on the pituitary will do for your social life.

I made fried chicken last night. It came out pretty well after I nearly set the apartment on fire. Apparently I was "cooking in style."

It was good too. I used this recipe, if you are so inclined. It was pretty easy, but every surface of the kitchen was covered in goddamn batter by the time I was done.

Here are some jams to get you through the day.

To be taken with direct sunlight.
John Lennon- Oh Yoko mp3

A friend of mine recently said that he had never heard this song. Shame.
George Harrison- I Live for You mp3

It is absolutely a day for Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly- Not Fade Away mp3

And again...
Buddy Holly- Everyday mp3

One of these things is not like the other, but I hadn't heard this song in a while, and I really like it.
Modest Mouse- The Good Times are Killing Me mp3

carry on...