Friday, October 26, 2007


Nothing is ever right at 4:30 in the morning. At least not when you actually wake up at 4 with the intention of going to the airport. When I walked down the hall of the hotel, dragging my suitcase listlessly behind me, I heard voices from the surrounding rooms. People are up pretty early for LA, I thought, but then realized that most people were just winding down the party. Lame. Such is my transient life.

So it was a brisk ride to the airport to check into an early flight to Mexico City. I think it was delayed. I think the entire airport was closed and I think I slept in fits for ten minutes at a time and watched something about The Ramones on my ipod, but it's all pretty much a blur.

Yesterday was pretty amazing. While everyone else on the crew was locked in a TV studio in Hollywood I had a productive little afternoon. Incidentally, When I asked Bobby how the TV show went his only response was 'Tilt,' as in 'game over.' So I got up, had breakfast down the street and the went out to The Getty Museum.

I'd never been there, and it was a toss up between the new observatory and the getty. Art won out over the science. The museum is high up on a hill and offers a pretty striking view of a smog-layered city below.

I wasn't too amped on the artwork. It was mostly traditional European portraiture and lots of Catholic icons and such. There was a pretty small photo exhibit by Edward Weston who takes pictures of shit on beaches. Not actual shit, but shells and kelp-type shit. Either way, it was a really peaceful spot to spend the day.

When I got back I found a really good sushi spot that I hadn't been to before. I ate some deep fried shrimp heads, had some sake and beer and stumbled back to the hotel to watch the baseball game.

I got a chance to have a glass of wine with my pal Sarah, who was also at the hotel with The Dixie Chicks, before passing out at around 10. Before I knew it I was in motion without actually moving.

I'm in Mexico, which isn't such a bad place at all. I have some good friends here, and, if you can put aside the overcrowded, polluted city, and overlook the fact that most of your stuff gets stolen coming through customs it's a pretty good time.