Friday, January 08, 2010

Further (still)

It's good to be back in LA. I've got Lakers tickets for Sunday, and it sounds like Sonic Youth is playing tomorrow night. Getting the balance right.
Still bits and pieces to do around the house. Most of it involves tending to the man-eating plants in the backyard and then trying to talk the pound into letting me take home the 3-legged dog. In the meantime the St. Vincent DePaul thrift store as kept me occupied with strange housewares and just generally odd and impractical things that I seem to fill the new house with daily. Yesterday I perused the used book section ('section' is pretty liberal, it's a pile actually) where I came away with a nice Vonnegut book a few weeks back. It was a less than fruitful excursion unless you count the laughs, which you should.

I was always told that this was a dirty expression. Maybe not, but still, it conjures an image.

Well, why not.

If you're ever LA-bound look me up. I may not have a futon for you to sleep on, but I've got plenty of tacky reading material to keep you busy. See ya.