Monday, September 11, 2006

You Can't Fuck With The Rooster

We all genuinely mourn your loss.

Let me tell you about how good at seeing movies I am. Possibly the best. Check out my style.

Today I went to go see The Protector. Why? Because I read that it was a really cool martial arts-type thing where the bad guys get kicked in the neck. But really? It felt like the first day of fall in NY.

The weather was about twenty degrees cooler than yesterday and the wind picked up a bit this afternoon. It got pretty chilly in the shade, so I ducked into the theatre to warm up, and possibly take a nap. New York is like that a lot. Once you leave the house it's often a physical impossibility to go back before the end of the day. At least my days seem like that. There is some hip hop song that makes reference to 'making treks like I'm homeless.' I understand that sentiment. So, I went to see the protector in much the same way that someone would curl up on the subway or inside a nice cardboard box. The bonus was that I was the only one in the theatre. It's a rarity anywhere in the world, especially in NY. I relished every moment.

The movie was pretty great. It was basically about a Thai farmer who goes on a neck-kicking rampage to avenge the death of an elephant. Harley says that there are not enough movies wherein the hero is fighting injustices against pacaderms. I tend to agree.

This past weekend I was wandering around Williamsburg and stumbled into this art show that was going on in some recently occupied basement somewhere. It was a nice, sunny Sunday afternoon and everyone who passed by was immediately drawn to the colorful movement and electronic whirrs and beeps of the figures inside. Figures like bearded cereal-face:

Or the smoking reindeer:

Looking around the space and seeing the shocked faces of young children and senior citizens who thought that they were at the McDonald's Playplace reminded me of when you rent a movie when you are a kid and inadvertently have to watch a graphic sex scene with your grandmother or something. No one wants to fast-forward it, and no one wants to talk about it. You know what I'm talking about.

New York is quite often amusing. GD toilet paper car?

Lexi has been babysitting this little guy for a while now and I just stopped by to see them the other night. Little fella was sleeping, but I found this on the kitchen table. It's a list of words that he knows, and it's one of the most precious things that I think I have ever seen. More butter!

Today I told my landlord that I am moving out. I have no idea where she is from, but she rarely understands what I am saying, making it quite an interesting conversation. Had it not been over the phone I'm sure that it would have involved hand gestures like two fingers walking away or something. I leave for Alaska on Friday, and I just made a pumpkin pie...Smoke 'em if you got 'em.