Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Party's Over

After seeing Jeremy and Rachel in Boston, I was off to Providence. I have to say it was a pleasure. It was good to see old friends, but them aside, Bostonians are dicks. I spent two nights fending off abuse from arrogant children that, if I weren't busy pushing buttons, would have left the show with my foot in their ass. It was rather curious that Rachel had sent me an article a few months back called 'Bostonians Explained' which tells of the general attitude of entitlement that they seem to have. So, over and done with, and off to Providence, which is a great display of architectural opposites.
Like such:

And such...

It was Saturday night in the little city. It was all a bit crazy. Someone in the theatre had a slight preoccupation with Pez dispensers. Fanaticism frightens me for obvious reasons.

Good show though....

Although another night in a dirty theatre....

Today I'm in D.C. for a few shows at Constitution Hall (I checked, he wasn't home).

I did, however, find this posted three blocks from the White House. Dissent is spreading a little close to home for the old man.

I walked around the city for a while tonight. It was a nice, deserted Sunday night.

I went to see 'Short Bus' which I had no previous knowledge of. I thought it was great, if a bit melancholy and pornographic all at the same time. It was perfect for a cold night in our nation's capital.

Afterwards I walked to Ford's Theatre and to the house where Lincoln died, It made me a little sad that our (my) president is such a bumbling fuckwit when there were people like honest Abe running this joint not that long ago. At the movies tonight there were previews for not one but two movies that were flagrantly anti-Bush. The Dixie Chicks one seems pretty alright. My friend is touring with them and says they are a laugh and good people. I tend to believe her.

D.C. is such a strange place to be these days. It makes everything that you see on TV or read in the papers seem very real. I saw this in a gift shop and if someone didn't stand to make money off of it I would have bought it in an instant. Holy shit. This thing is unreal. If anyone is compiling a Christmas list, I'll take the porcelain Marine with Angel statue. Thanks.

That was the best thing that I'd seen since I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree in Boston a few days ago. No lie. I was walking through The Commons and heard the sound of branches breaking and something falling and then this squirrel landed face down on the grass making the sound of a potato sack hitting a barn door. Oh, how I laughed.


Lexi is coming out tomorrow....sweet.