Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Mile High

What? The air is thin in Denver.

And the lights are bright.

And the signs make very little sense...

I have to say that last night I was the most content that I've been in ages. I finished the show, another good one at the Fillmore. Walked over to a record store to pick up the new Slayer record that came out a midnight and sat on the bus listening to it and drinking Campari and lime and eating imported cheese and salami. I also got a free Slayer poster because I think I was the only one there to buy the record. Whatever. It's good.

Today I woke up just outside of Salt Lake City and saw this: Most people don't even notice them anymore.

I walked across the highway to Wal-Mart and bought a skateboard since the show is inside a big arena and the floor is ideal for me to fall off of something on wheels and hurt myself. Ten bucks. Alterations were my own (it used to say 'Lucky').

For some reason a lot of us bought things designed for a six year-old.

It's going to be a good one. I finally have the sweet backdrop thingy working for me today.

And everything here is green and yellow...

In an unrelated topic, Tim and I inadvertently wandered into the worst gay bar in Denver the other night. At least we have photographic evidence.