Saturday, October 07, 2006

I for one fully support the NYPD's choice to drum up panic randomly on the streets of NY.


Today was the unending and increasingly maddening experience of shipping personal belongings cross-country. I hate the business of trying to accomplish anything at all in New York. Last night I went to see American Hardcore, which was amazing, but on the way I went to Whole Foods in Union Square to get some chicken korma and noticed that the police, at 5:15pm had taken it upon themselves to block off the half dozen or so entrances to the subway in the area. The line of potential commuters mingled with regular-ass sidewalking people like myself, and eventually spilled into the street. Ambulances and fire trucks soon swarmed the area. One woman, waiting to get on the train and having no idea why a big, hulking NY cop was standing in her way asked when they would be allowed back into the subway station to which the police officer responded (I shit you not) "I don't know, I guess after the bomb goes off." Well played. NY's finest, protecting and serving.

Oh, and there was no bomb, or any further mention of one.