Monday, January 14, 2008

poop poop shit

That's what someone shouted at me on the street the other day. It was even less menacing than it sounds.

No, Says God

It's a pretty good say when it starts out like this....

...And ends at The Onion holiday party. Our pal Marc is the city editor for the AV Club. He's a funny guy, but not so much responsible for writing the funny stuff, unless you count his unabashed love for Stephen Jenkins and The Spice Girls. Regardless, he invited us to the holiday party that occurs every year well clear of the actual holiday season.

I had enough free gin to fill a bucket, and even poked at some of the gratis hors d'oeuvres, but no amount of liquor was going to convince me that eating free baba ganoush in a bar was a good idea. Until a five-piece brass band took the stage, the only entertainment (other than socializing, which isn't, as they say, my 'forte') was reading some giant versions of the paper that were tacked to the walls here and there. Other than the 'Holy Shit, Man Walks on Fucking Moon' one, this is one of my favorites:

A bold move, I think, especially in the wake of SF's mounting body count. If it's not gangs, dealers or jealous ex's it's the goddamn tigers running loose in the streets. Madness.

Check what I bought yesterday. After all of my searching for a decent bike in this city of  million bikes some guy was selling this on a street corner a few blocks from my house. In retrospect he may have stolen it, but that's neither here nor there. It is pretty sweet. I rode through the park yesterday (which is closed to traffic on Sundays) and rode over the golden gate bridge today. I had the foresight to buy a pair of bike shorts as well. The last time I went biking my ass was too sore to even conjure up a humorous analogy. It hurt. For real.

Anyone want to hang out with me in Australia? It looks like I'll be there twice. That's one more time than the previously planned once that I was banking on. I don't want to jinx it, but I may be down there in March with The Jesus and Mary Chain. Wait, did I just jinx it? damn.