Friday, November 16, 2007

Wait, are we in Germany?

That was what I woke up to while napping in Munich. I was wondering why everyone was speaking German. I saw the first snow of the season in Zurich. It elated me just a little. I've never even been in the same room with a pair of skis, so snow doesn't conjure images of the black diamond slope, and I'm not excited by fresh powder, but it is always a great feeling to see snow for the first time in months. This wears off quickly, though. Today the whole area around the venue, including the half-pipe out back was under a few inches of already brown-ish snow.

Zurich, however, was a city that just didn't look right unless it was dusted with just a bit.

I've since spent the last couple days indoors almost exclusively. Blonde Redhead contracted some sort of instant sickness that spread through their bus like cholera. They are all coughing and wheezing. I fear that momentary exposure to the cold German air will send me down that route. I can often be found in catering, sucking down peppermint tea and examining Euro tube food in its natural habitat.

Odd...I didn't know those guys were still around.

I'm going to put on my rad new all action socks and survive the winter. Sometimes Europe is a blast when you've got the right footwear.