Saturday, April 17, 2010

how to make a baby elephant float

Shit goddamn, how the days go by. It's been over two weeks since I've even had occasion to look at this thing, and I'm not even a little bit sorry. I've had my head pretty buried in work lately, and not the intellectually fulfilling kind at all, so nothing really much to report other than time spent earning money, and therefore time wasted unless said money is spent on something silly like renting a bouncy castle for an afternoon or spending the weekend smoking cuban cigars in a bathtub filled to the brim with warm tapioca pudding. Both, and neither of these things sound appealing to me, all at the same time.
Coachella weekend is currently coming and going for me. I have mixed feelings. It's hot and dry out there, generally bad for my skin, and an affront to my new-found distaste for loud music (with a few exceptions). Many of my friends are out there this weekend though, and while the urge to drive out to the desert most likely won't outweigh me sleeping off Saturday night well into Sunday morning, and then making pancakes, part of me wishes that I were there. Just a little bit.
Home for good has been pretty nice. I'm finding the gentle balance between over-stimulation and sheer boredom to be a challenge at times. I joined a gym. I bought a bike. I do fucking yoga. I have hobbies. I like to attend trivia night at the local bar. I walk the dog around the lake once a week. I am becoming an old man.
I'm getting a little break from the routine next week, and heading down to Mexico, up to Chicago, and then down to Austin for some shows. I'm actually looking forward to them. The band are old friends, the places familiar. Next month I'm disappearing into Big Sur again, but his time with a little bit more structure, and for only a week. Hopefully it will give me something to talk about. Thanks for being there.