Monday, June 16, 2008

Follow Me to the Moon

I could say that it's been tough going, but that just wouldn't be true.  Things have, for the most part, been settling down out here.We did have a few men down in Philadelphia following a pretty traumatic NY show. We lost one to stress and the other to whiskey, I believe.

Poor little guy was broken, burst and filleted. He spent the day painting the sidewalk outside the bus with a reddish mixture of ribs and baked beans consumed at four the previous morning. His last words, before walking face first into the microwave were 'I'm in the zone.' We got dropped at the venue early in the afternoon to dry out our gear that had gotten well-soaked the night before. When we were done we were forced to negotiate a cab to the hotel. I made this little reverse feed bag for our ailing pal. He was not amused, and nor would I have been in his particular situation.

I got a few hours in a swanky hotel, missing most of Philadelphia other than what I could see from my window. I'm not let down. I've seen the liberty bell and I've had a cheese steak, and I've gotten sick from eating tastycakes and watching Rocky. So there.

Says you.

Cleveland flats. Magical.We did a show on the Cuyahoga River, which may likely be the most polluted body of water on this continent. It seems to be constantly on fire or passing along sewage and an occasional corpse, though it looked fairly inviting from where I was standing.

As it does, and has done on a pretty regular basis lately, the sky turned black and the rain began to fall. The locals ran for cover while most of us just shrugged our shoulders and carried on with the day.

It was a nice backdrop though.

These are the 3 best things that I have bought/acquired this week:

1. Death Table for Cutie. I broke the old table that I had out with me a few days ago, and got this new one. It folds in half. I am am easily impressed, and a man of simple pleasures.

I feel like I have being doing shows on the surface of the sun for the last few weeks. A good, solid desk fan named after a wayward actress goes a long way to beat the heat.

I found this guy at a used clothing store in Brooklyn. It happened to be the day of our show there, and it also happened to be six bucks. I think it's a pretty funny six dollar joke.

I am feeling run down today. That may have something to do with being in Texas, and facing a fifteen hour drive to Mesa, Arizona tomorrow which, by some accounts may take up to 22 hours. I've got a hometown show coming up next week to look forward to, but other than that it's all pretty grey.