Tuesday, August 15, 2006

World Time

Laughing, and Talking of Memories Past

The Secret House Vineyard last week. I recommend the Rose'.

I worked out pretty quickly why the word 'secret' is involved in the title. Here the entire bus is staring out the window....totally confused as to where they are.

Not exactly the type of road designed for a tour bus, I would imagine.

I had never done a show in a vineyard. With any luck I will never do one again. Some of us were more excited than others to be there.

It was one of those days when you need Sam Elliot leaning over your shoulder saying 'hey dude, sometimes you eat the bear and, well, sometimes the bear eats you.'

The space managed to retain all the charm of a rural county fair, without stepping into the realm of professionalism and, you know, not having a backdrop made of hay.

This day sheet is somehow less discouraging than seeing a warning sign for poison ivy on the door of your bus. Not exactly soothing however...

But you have to love a good sunny day in Oregon.