Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gonzo Sightseeing

Remind me to tell you about that time that I went to the zoo...

It's been a while since I've put any music up on this thing. I like these today.

Grandaddy- Underneath the Weeping Willow mp3

Thom Yorke- The Eraser mp3

Thom Yorke- The Clock mp3

Dinosaur Jr- Goin' Home mp3

Because they were damn good last night.

Radiohead- Sit Down, Stand Up (live) mp3

This was the winner...
Radiohead- Lucky (live) mp3

Out of Film

m smeren (blowfly the coop)

It's been over a week since I've been back from my wilderness excursion. I figured I'd post the rest of the pictures from the trip. The last few days were the most incredible.

We carried on north, into Humboldt county...

Tore through out the Avenue of the Giants...

And watched massive redwood trees whip by at 50 miles/hour.

And the rest of the world disappeared...

We stumbled into the lost coast. Lost because there are really no reasonable roads that take you there. Again, testing the limitations of Volkswagen engineering, we pushed the camper van down a ravine. We were pretty sure that once we made it down to the bottom the van was staying there.

The road was a bit washed out, and the van slid, almost gracefully, around each turn.

Which wouldn't have been so bad, if this weren't the view out of my window.

This was Sinkyone.

The sky couldn't have been more amazing....

I caught a swallow, in flight, through the door of a barn. I thought that it was pretty cool. Like catching a fly with chopsticks, or something.

And there was the ocean...

And the eucalyptus groves...

...and the black sand beach

Amazing, is all.

Like a little slice of Central Park, transported to the wilds of Northern California.

I was going to get one of these done. To blend in with the locals, but then I realized that all I needed was a shack, a shotgun and a massive marijuana crop to fit in.

This was the most amazing, 360 degree panorama that I had ever seen.

Walking the plank...

The ghost...


That thing nearly took my leg off...

My abercrombie and fitch resume photo:

fingers crossed...hope I get it..

It's down to me and these two ass ranchers. I'm banking on the pale, malnourished, inner-city vote.

I wish I was back there. Still am, in my head at least.


Owned by the 'head

Radiohead. NY.

Pretty sure everyone who has ever worked for, or been in a band was schooled last night.

I know I was put to shame a bit.

I'll bet their merch guy was like 'THAT'S how you sell t-shirts.'