Saturday, September 29, 2007

San Francisco, With Open Arms

I just slept for 12 straight hours in my own bed with a belly full of sushi and beer. Today the sun is shining just a little brighter as I am most concerned about where to have brunch today. This is a far cry from my last week in Texas that was capped by a 6 am scramble to the airport to leave that terrible, terrible place. Houston was made bearable by the huge contingent of Mexican kids who drove up for the show. The know how to have a good time. Austin was, well, a show at Stubbs. It's hard to put your day into good/bad perspective when you are doing an outdoor show at a barbecue restaurant.

My friend Xander's band happened to be playing in the small room the same night. They were pretty good. Exceptionally good if you like things from Los Angeles. All was well considering the last time I was there it was South by Southwest festival terror time of the year. Oh, and I had an uncontrollable fever that landed me in the emergency room. That was the first, and with any luck the last time that I will sit in a bathtub filled with ice cubes. That run run:

Dallas was a day filled with frustration. It seemed that everyone I encountered had the same weak sense of humor that made me want to drive my fist firmly into their neck. The kind of humor along the lines of: 'hey, do you need a hand with that obviously heavy case?' and then they clap, and then I punch them. I managed to get out and skate off some of my frustration.

I am truly, deeply offended.

Due to me early flight out of Dallas I got into SF at around 9:30 am, which was a nice thing. That left me several hours to think about unpacking, and to do actually very little. I'm going to eat some good food, drink some expensive wine, and go see the National play tonight.