Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Haunted Bicycle

I'm the big winner, two times over.

It's the truth. Harley and I went to the movies in the middle of the day yesterday to see Descent, and I went back today to watch Snakes on a Plane. This is how I have come to terms with being on 'vacation.' I could be taking a pottery class or learning how to windsurf in the East river, but instead I'm sitting in darkened theatres watching really shit movies. Granted, neither of these movies made the claim that they were quality films, so I suppose they lived up to expectations. I was a big fan of the character, always off-screen, in Snakes on a Plane, who would periodically yell 'Snakes!' at inopportune moments. At least I talked myself out of going to see The Pusher (volumes 1 through 3) which is some Danish action movie that runs for close to six straight hours. There's always tomorrow. Other than that, I've really been enjoying my bed.

Yesterday I went to the Union Square farmer's market and then Wholefoods before I saw the movie. I turned up in the theatre with a bag full of organic carrot cookies, cheese, chicken and rice and a few cans of chocolate stout. I say fuck you and your popcorn. I will, shortly, be a very fat little guy.


Notice how I didn't mention buying vegetables. They looked nice though.

Last night was the 826 NYC benefit at the Beacon (Bacon) Theatre.

John Stewart and Sarah Vowell were a riot. I am totally enamored of people who can create with such wit. Sufjan Stevens and David Byrne were both raving lunatics and apparently, after I left, performed some sort of freak on freak musical duet. I really do like David Byrne, but he was having a Nashville Skyline-esque crisis and opted to do a few Talking Heads songs country-style while wearing a yellow suit. He also had a guy standing on a riser who played a marching drum. I think I've said before that I have moments of getting into some truly bizarre shit, musically speaking. I listen to things that my mother thinks sound like a bag of rocks in a blender, but this was really expanding my horizons.

The sky was foreboding today. I say this with experience as I just got drenched on my walk home.

So, I managed to sell my bike on Craig's List today. It was a harrowing experience. Actually it wasn't that bad. I've had my days to myself, and the past few have been spent entertaining people on my front stoop as they rode my bike around the block. Some were total maniacs, some were nice. I'd say it was about even. I sold it today to a girl named Sarah who was really great and really excited about it. It made me glad to see it go to someone who appreciated it. Now I'm going to spend my bike money on a nice bottle of wine and maybe an umbrella, but before I do...This little Craig's list experience reminded me of a story my friend Mark told me not long ago. Apparently a friend of his in Seattle was looking to buy a used car and found an ad for what he was looking for on Craig's List. The car was pretty inexpensive, so he figured something was wrong with it. When he went to this woman's house who was selling it, she told him that she was selling it cheap because it was haunted. Don't tell anyone, but my bike had been acting a little creepy.