Sunday, August 27, 2006

And The Rain Came...



It's been pissing down for most of the weekend (exclusively over my apartment, it would seem). It feels like winter (or at least a premature fall) has hit the city. I went out with some friends on Friday to see Ted Leo at the Seaport. We watched most of it from the bar at Pizzeria Uno. It was the usual circus surrounding a free show in NY. A few of us made it out to a Mexican restaurant afterwards. We were sitting outside and could literally feel a could wind blow in, and the season change. I'm just saying that, if Labor Day is the marked end of summer, then I should have at least one more week of frolicking in the sun ahead of me, that's all. I actually went to the same show at the same place with the same group of friends last year. It's not too impressive, but there are few constants in my life, and I'd be happy to make going to see Ted Leo at the Seaport with good friends one of them.

One of the last McCarren pool shows is this afternoon. I was thinking of wandering over to see Human Television, but not until the sky looks less gray and I stop hearing about tornado warnings in Brooklyn. I am currently drawing up plans to make a giant light box in my living room to combat the recent lack of sunlight. It's going to run on a diesel generator and, with any luck, should feel like the surface of the sun. This may be my last be-t-shirted photo of the summer...sigh...

So I was sitting in my doctor's office the other day, reading about Hillary Clinton and daydreaming about living on a house boat. I still can't tell if it's a really bad idea or not, but it seems to be a living situation so far away from my present one that I am in that I can't help but turn it over in my head all day. Those two things, by the way, may not have been mutually exclusive. I think I might have been daydreaming about living on a house boat with Hillary Clinton. Is that strange?

In the mouth of the beast...(this is in lieu of any photos of Banksy's stuff in Williamsburg, because I couldn't remember where it was).

I just finished this Jeffrey Brown book (Unlikely). I love his scratchy little drawings.

*If anyone has extra Shellac tickets for the show in Brooklyn then I think you should give them to me. Here's why:

A. You don't really like Shellac
B. They are playing at a place called Club Europa which is an awful Polish disco in Greenpoint
C. You have never been to Greenpoint and wouldn't know how to get home after dark
D. Club Europa is four blocks from my apartment thus making this a sort of community even for me, I consider it just plain rude to exclude me from this sort of thing
E. You don't really like Shellac
F. You are an inherently nice person who, although you bought like 15 tickets to the show with the intention of selling them all at horribly inflated prices because you are a friend of Scheid's and he taught you how to effectively scalp tickets, still want to give me a few tickets because I'm such a nice guy.