Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Shitstorm of Malfunction

I'm back in NY. Staying in a hotel. It's cold and snowy. The flight here looked like we were over Siberia. It was only Canada.

It's alright being back. I feel welcomed.

I shook off an impending sickness and walked down to the strand. I still don't believe that they have 8 miles of books there. I don't care what you say. I bought a bunch of their cheap comic books and a collection of John Connolly's short stories. Tacky thriller madness galore.

The days have been really dark here. It's hard to get out of bed.

I'm in a bit of a transitional day-quil/ny-quil haze right now. I never take shitty cold medicine. I'd rather take zinc, echinacia and vitamin c even if it only makes me pee than take some trucker speed, over-the-counter cold remedy, but I have lots of work to do, and I can't cope with feeling like a horse's dick all week. I miss the California sunshine.

More shows, more work...

More snow...

I had dinner with my friend Mark tonight, and tomorrow Harls and I are going to the museum. It's good to see friends. They make my life seem normal, although it clearly is not.

I made this:

Jesus H. Christ

Happy V day. Go make some love.

The Trials of a Midlake Show in Montreal Through The Medium of Text Message

I went to see Midlake in Montreal the other night. It was brutally cold, and the show was delayed a few hours, and by show I mean the opening of the doors to allow people outside to thaw. There was a good deal of discussion in French. It was a good show, but hardly worth the hassle. Here's my side of a conversation that I had through out the night.