Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jambo, Aloha and all that Jazz

It's that time of the week/month/year again where I begin lamenting my decision to accept work that involves me wandering all over the country and usually the better part of the world. I can say, however, with a clear conscience that I have made the most of my time back here in SF. The weather has been gracious in its warmth, and the chemicals in my head that often cloud my thoughts were kind enough to let me go about my business.

I finally made it down to Big Sur for the camping trip that I had been planning since my birthday last October. It is telling of the circles that I travel in and the friends that I keep that neither I nor anyone I've seen this week was aware that it was both spring break and Easter. Many people I know were completely shocked when the video store was closed yesterday and only relented on banging on the glass when they saw the inflatable bunny in the lobby. In spite of the festivities, camping was a pretty quiet, peaceful experience.

Big Sur is a pretty wonderful place. It's easy to see why people like Kerouac, Henry Miller and Trent Reznor find solace at the edge of the ocean. Correction, I'm not exactly sure what Trent Reznor does in Big Sur, but I like a good hike every now and then.

Admitedly I buckle at the thought of gourmet camping, so we pitched the tent then went to Nepenthe for drinks and the sunset.

I was recently reading some article online about the 10 best trees in the world. I'm not sure what makes a tree really great, but it was interesting that I had seen 3 of the world's 10 best trees. There's the lone cyprus in Pebble Beach, the drive- through redwood in Humboldt county and the giant Sequoia in southern Yosemite. This one was pretty great too. I'd put it somewhere around number 17 only because I couldn't drive a car through it.

Take that New York.

Breakfast Was A Disaster