Monday, May 07, 2007

I filled the handset with nickels until he got used to the weight...then I took them out.

I cannot stop watching the US version of the office. It is utter hilarity. That said, I am off to Paris tomorrow. The sun has been unrelenting here the last few days. I was kind of getting used to it. Check my farmer tan.

I am leaving behind a number of friends who seem to be in all manner of turmoil or at least discontentedness. I wish there were more I could do, but every time I feel rooted I am up and running again before I know it. I spent a good portion of my day running around town looking for a printer cable. I don't even own a printer. Therein lies the mystery. Our tour manager sent me a panicked email this morning saying that without realizing it he had plugged in his printer in London and it promptly burst into flames as the voltage tends to be slightly more on that side of the ocean. I told him not to sweat it, and related a story about me blacking out an entire floor of a hotel in Spain trying to use a set of hair clippers. Being the only one of our group still in the states I ventured out to find a new cable which, it seems, doesn't exist. I ended up just buying a new printer which is now taking up 20% of my suitcase and forbidding me from packing my skateboard. Bummer. In the midst of all of this (actually just before I threw in the towel, and bought a new printer) I realized that this was my last day at home for a few weeks and I had made little of it. I got some lunch and a copy of the paper, and sat in the sunshine to make amends. My idea of contentedness.

I really hope summer has arrived in Europe, it would feel like a step backwards otherwise.

Look me up if you're in Paris. I'm going to see Queens of the Stone Age Wednesday night. Until then....