Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today Jesus Wants Me to Have Pancakes

The show in Norfolk last night was killer. During the quiet part in the first song some guy shouted to Paul, 'have my babies.' I'm not sure logistically how that works out, but it sounded great at the time.

After the show I watched part of a Steven Segal movie (in the lounge where 2 years ago our production manager fell asleep and woke up covered with an entire loaf of bread), sat in the sauna (I skipped the hot tub because there was as especially crusty band in the night before, and in spite of their assurances that it was sanitized, I played it safe) and played around with the 2 dogs that are now on tour with us full time. It's a pretty neat thing to have an Italian Greyhound and a Chihuahua tearing around the dressing room all night. I'm just glad I'm not on the bus with them. I'm sure it's not unlike a petting zoo. After some quality downtime I escaped to my bunk early and finished watching Jesus Camp which I found both enlightening and terrifying, and Holy Mountain which I'm starting to think might be the best movie ever made. The scene where frogs dressed as conquistadors and monks conquer frogs dressed as Incas is worth the 45 minutes of dialog-less madness just to see where Matthew Barney gets most of his ideas. That said I've been pretty wrapped up in the start of this tour (lot's of new equipment that hasn't quite been road tested) and the preparations for our show at Madison Square Garden which is already shaping up to be pretty brilliant. And Liars are supporting as well. There isn't much to do here today. I've already been to the mall. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is no fun, and most of us have seen the movies showing at the theatre. Maybe I'll stay in and make something out of paper mache.

It's true.