Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Did you know that they serve beer at the circus?

Well, they do.

I went to the damn circus...

It was pretty great...

In response to the question: "who has ever dreamed of being in the circus?"

I do, all the, over here.

Considering my current job: touring with bands, I suppose I am a bit of a carney at heart. With that in mind...I can't resist:

Nick Cave- The Carney mp3
Nick Cave- The Carnival is Over mp3

I do wonder what it would be like to travel with the circus. Not altogether different than my job now, really. I would be the guy shoveling elephant shit or chasing the acrobats around or something. Sounds like all good fun to me. I certainly am bred for the lifestyle though, that's for sure. I am just now re-learning how to use an actual closet as opposed to utilizing a pile of clothes in my suitcase. I am toying with the idea of actually preparing my own food, and I'm dealing with being static in all ways. I am ill at ease because of the relative lack of structure in my life these days (this is due to the month I have taken off from the touring game). I sleep most of the day and don't feel the least bit guilty about there.

Today it snowed like a bastard in New York. I believe that it was just the polar ice caps weeping, or maybe Edward Scissorhands was making a giant ice sculpture of a dolphin up the block. Either way, there can be no logical explanation for snowfall in early April.

And really, the sun came out an hour later and it turned into quite a nice day. I've also really been into taking pictures of the sky lately. The weather seems to change so dramatically in any given day. Bear with me; I just don't know what else to do with myself, and I kind of have a thing for clouds.

I'm going to the Arab Strap show this Saturday at the Knitting Factory. I'm a bit on the amped side. I'm looking forward to a bit of 'A Whisper in the Dark,' providing they can avoid getting knifed. I mean, really, tour managers have that shit hard enough already. That guy probably just finished packing up the band's gear, loading it into a fifteen passenger van and was preparing to drive ten hours instead of sleeping and before he knows it he's been shivved on the streets of Seattle. There is very little justice in the world.

Here's an Arab Strap video:

Oh, and I know that it's a bit early and all, but if anyone is making Christmas lists in early April, I'll have one of these in a full size, 'woodland' color. Thanks.

Oh man are these things sweet. Imagine going grocery shopping in one of these bad boys.

At least I know where Super Furry Animals shop.

Here's a good one for the un-initiated

Super Furry Animals- Venus and Serena mp3

Check Yo La Tengo shred on 'Cherry Chapstick.' It's about eight minutes of sonic noise terror.

until tomorrow..or maybe the next day...