Saturday, February 10, 2007

There is always a reason

Everything went very blue in Montreal yesterday. The sky welled up. The clouds rolled in...

And it started to snow.

Nothing like NY (I could only begin to imagine waking up to seven feet of snow), but it was enough to camouflage our van so that our driver couldn't find it (that's him, by the way, wandering the streets of Montreal with about 45 lbs of wet towels, searching for the van).

The show was another good one. The band walked off the stage, out the front door and out into the snow to play an encore. The neighbors must have been really pleased. They did manage to make the paper though. It must be nice to be the hometown hero every now and then.

The band also has a new song titled initially 'Joe Simpson,' but eventually changed it to 'Antichrist Television Superstar' or some such nonsense. The title seems to change every night to a new, and seemingly more eloquent denunciation of Joe Simpson's activities. If you don't know who he is, or think he's a really great guy with a bum rap, then you should read the articles here and here where he talks about his daughter's tits. That's the kind of class I expect from an ex-Baptist minister. In other news I watched an entire episode of the simpsons in French today. I was spacing out and working, so it took me ten minutes or so to realize that it wasn't in English. Imperceptiveness be not so proud.

It would appear that everyone that I have ever met is going to be in NY next week. I have at least a dozen people to hang with, and the list appears to be growing. Maybe one of them can tell me what a 'couche tard' is.