Sunday, December 16, 2007

día de groundhog

It is such an odd sensation, waking up in the same place every day. It has taken some getting used to. I've done my best to keep myself busy for fear of what might happen when I am left unattended, everything short of going christmas shopping. I have a stack of books and a box of tea for when the weather turns cold. It's still holding steady though. Yesterday some friends and I went out for a bit of a bike ride. A bit turned into quite a trek. I haven't had a bike since I left Brooklyn, so I was ill-prepared for it.

We biked across the bridge into Marin.

...and then hiked some and continued biking. It was damn near 20 miles by the end of it. My ass is killing me. We did, however, find the greatest bar in the history of San Francisco. It was above a rarely used yacht club just across the bridge. It was filled with barnacled sailor types and the odd biker. There was also a meeting of the society of secrets going on as we arrived. I thought it was best to have a beer, sit down and ask what everyone was talking about weather it was a secret or not. Shhhhhhh.

Last week we went out to see the rza. It was alright. Hip hop shows are usually a fate worse than death. There is no order, everything runs late, and when things finally get going there are usually 20 to 30 people standing onstage drinking, smoking and occasionally saying 'what?' into a microphone. The rza had a live band, which was a plus, but the crowd was pretty legless by the time he went on. In fact there were a number of people who found being upright too much of a challenge. That was about when we left. Hi ho.

Enjoy your snow east coasters.