Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Smartest Kid on Earth

This is my second attempt at posting this. My first was thwarted by my douche-faced friend who, in a valiant attempt to reset my home page to the 'anal intruders' website, wiped out my work. Thanks pal. Needless to say, I am far less optimistic about this all now that I'm on the second go-round, but I'll see if I can maintain...

Madeline Peyroux, winner of the prestigious 'Borders Award' for outstanding things, has cobbled together a record of sultry, starbucks-worthy tunes, but her cover of 'Between the Bars' may just change your day.

Check her site to haggle for a copy of the record, or stop by one of her shows the next time you are at the opening of a chain coffee bar in Germany.

Just for posterity...

Here's the Elliot Smith original-'Between the Bars'

In a totally unrelated subject, here's a video of 'Hunter S. Thompson on Conan'
...and a much more reserved performance on 'Tim Russet'