Thursday, May 04, 2006

Overheard in NY...

"i just need to find a friend willing to go with me to that cockbag's fishtank"

la Ville Lumière

Paris...for the next 3 days.

It took ages to make it here from Zurich last night. I'm still terribly jetlagged, and it was my first night on the bus in awhile, so I didn't sleep well during the ten hour trip. I do, however, have the best bunk that I've ever had on any bus ever, in the history of time.

It is one of two bunks in the converted front lounge, on the top of a double decker bus. From my bed above the driver I can look out onto the road. One of my issues with bus life is being trapped in a bunk and having no concept of day or night. Now I have a window that lets in the sunlight. I'm even thinking of getting a few plants to spruce up the coffin.

This is what I saw from my bed this morning:

Notre Dame


Tower Thing

The only drawback is the little spots on the pictures. Those are actually hundreds of dead bugs, but hey, even the Mona Lisa um, doesn't have eyebrows.

I forgot to put this up the other day. This is most of the Belle and Sebastian crew having just walked into a Swiss kebab shop. Note the look of confusion, horror and bewilderment on their faces. I got a calzone made of lettuce and sausage, so they were right to be apprehensive.

This is Andy's shoe. I think it's a size fifteen in the states. He's a big boy. 6'7", I think.

He has to have all of his clothing specially made from used circus tents and truck tarps. This, I believe, is how he gets from place to place, because he sure can't fit on the bus. That is actually a regular motorcycle dwarfed by his stature.

It reminds me a bit of this...


Neil Young- Shock and Awe mp3

From the new record. 'Tis good.

Ween- Piss up a Rope mp3

It still makes me laugh.

Luna- Bonnie and Clyde mp3

For the French.

I forgot to mention that it's been almost a week since I've watched TV, which I suppose isn't any great feat, but it's still nice to notice when it's out of your life, like quitting smoking.

Here's a picture of me in Maine a few weeks ago.