Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sweden is for lovers (of cheese)

I've been disparaging the frequent internet access that I've had the past few days. It steals your soul, or at least your time, and makes you forget where you are. A nice electronic diversion. I saw someone in the touring party, not naming names, looking at pictures of Trondheim while sitting on a couch in the dressing Trondheim. I may have also been avoiding the people and places and virtual things that lurk on the interweb as well. I've been perfectly content wandering around the blistering cold of a Scandinavian summer, forgetting about things.

My camera battery is about to die. It has lasted nearly 3 weeks, and I'm unsure if the charger will work in a 220 volt socket. I'm a bit nervous to try as the last time I plugged something that I thought was compatible into a European wall outlet it knocked the power out on two floors of a hotel and left a four foot high black burn mark up one side of the wall in my room.

This may be the end of the pictures for this one.

These were from Trondheim the other night. The sun never quite sets this time of year. It makes you want to stay up all night.

Around 12:30am


How could you sleep, really, with so many colors? This must have been around four or five at a truck stop.

There was a lot of fog, and then a lot of snow on the way south. It was all a bit blurry, so I guess these pictures do it some justice.

We made it to Stockholm the following afternoon. Checking into the hotel was all a bit blurry as well.

The show in Stockholm was moved to a larger venue, this massive ball that looms on the Swedish horizon. It was a terribly impersonal place, and I feel like I ate christing cheese all day long.

Today Gotenberg. It's a good spot. I went for a jog in the rain, came back, had some cheese, and this salty piece of candy in the shape of a skull.

I made friends with this pair of ducks, a couple, I presume, who wandered up to the backstage door. They were digging the rain and the half loaf of bread that I threw at them. The female actually took bread from my hand. It's not like putting my head in a lion's mouth, but it was still pretty ok.