Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Hills of Los Angeles

It's hot in LA today, and the hills are all sepia toned with smoke. I have a day off in West Hollywood, which happens to not be on fire at the moment because life is good like that sometimes.

Last night was the Forum show. It was a big deal, I think. Most of us were really just going through the motions. It's all numb these days from lack of sleep and the newfound revelation that we are all out of work come December, but you didn't hear that from me.

I sometimes think that I have created a monster.

A giant, nasty beast that looks terrifying, and is even worse to control. This is also, I think, what the inside of my head looks like these days. After both the LA and SF shows people came up to me and referred to me as an artist. It's an incredible compliment that I can barely accept. Sometimes it really is all worthwhile, when all the pieces fall into place. When the band plays well. When people buy tickets to the show, and get excited and throw drinks. More often, though I feel like I'm in the service industry. Here to entertain, but then again, it's not like we are launching the space shuttle every day so who am I to complain?

I've been listening to the new radiohead record a bunch. I really like it, although that's sort of like saying i like birthday cake. It's the only thing so inoffensive and unchallenging and yet moody and sentimental enough for me to listen to when I actually get a break from the screaming noise that surrounds my work.
Last night was our last with Liars. I'll really miss them. I've never seen a band cram experimental evil dub reggae and free form metal into a set before. And, speaking of Radiohead, I think Liars is still holding out for the royalty checks for 'There There' because they wrote it. For real.

Portland was a total washout, unfortunately. Vegas was a blast, as usual. I stayed the night in SF and flew, with Bobby, on our day off. I got in with enough time to gamble the night away with Ally and Lilly. We ended the night with embarassing-colored cocktails at The Peppermill. That place is basically the bastard spawn of Nascar and Miami Vice.

Another day off for me tomorrow as the band does some TV nonsense, then it's off to Mexico for a show before I'm done for a few weeks. Until then Harley and I can be found on the balcony, taking in the sunshine and discussing his career choices.