Friday, December 21, 2007

Black Noise

And then the rains came....

I was bracing for the infamous Northern California rainy season this week. It lasted all of 2 days, but was miserable enough for me, thanks. Luckily enough it's just a short ride over the bridge into the searing Marin County sun. The weather has been pretty amazing, and I enjoy a nice drive followed by a nice hike every now and then.

Everything has gotten pretty slow just now, with the exception of a few utterly manic attempts at Christmas shopping. I am so turned off by the idea that everyone will probably end up with carpet samples and used shoelaces from me this year. Or maybe something nice made from macaroni. Other than nursing a raging addiction to the lates that they make down the street things have been nice and tame. I even got myself involved in some trash buckeraoo. Actually, to be fair, it was recyclables, and I lost miserably. I got a bit cocky with the Orangina bottle and sent the whole mess careening over the kitchen floor. I had to take it all outside bit by bit.

In between bouts of idleness I've been roaming around with friends getting up to no good at all. Chad, Erin and I went to see Crispin Glover's film last week, which was nothing if not entertaining. Something about the sexual desires of a handicapped man. Sure. He gave a peculiar little slide show and answered some questions as well. He's really passionate about his work, however unsettling it may be.
Last night I sucked it up and went out to a rock show, which I always think that I want to do until I'm actually there and I'm hot and tired and it's loud and I realize that I don't really like the band that's playing and I just really want a couch and some nachos. Last night was an exception to the rule. Queens of the Stone Age played The Warfield and I dropped by to see some friends who were working. It was spectacularly loud and bright all around. I hadn't seen my friend Dan in ages since we are both killing time doing lights for rock bands all over the world these days. My friend Brooke (who also does lights for rock bands all over the world these days) was there as well. I got more sauced than I've been in a while and have vague memories of Brooke trying to open a beer on an upturned chair leg and then feeding catfish to a dog in a bar. Today I have a subtle, but persistent headache. Odd.

Tonight I'm trekking to the east bay for a christmas party before heading down to Carmel this weekend for a posh old holiday. I will return bloated with holiday cocktails and mashed potatos. Until then...