Friday, January 26, 2007

Little Dawn / Things to do in SF when it rains...

It was a bit dismal today. It usually is this time of year, but like most of the country (world?) we are having unseasonably clear and warm weather these days.

I made the most of my new bed this morning before venturing out into the mist.

I did what anyone else does on a rainy day in SF. I went to Amoeba records.

I made a b-line for the International/Japanese Rock section which is conveniantly located next to Experimental/Black Metal.

I got a Boris record, a DMBQ record, some sort of Russian metal that hurts my ears in the best possible way and the new Twilight Singer's ep. I'm sure that listening to it would make Scheid's hair fall out, but I think it's pretty good. Most of it sounds like Mark Lanegan singing over an Afghan Whigs record making it all that I hoped it could be and more. I also decided to go to the beach. I really like the beach in the rain. I took some pictures as well. You may have noticed, or not, that I got a new camera and have put my broken, sand filled one on the shelf for a while. It's nice to be able to zoom in and turn the flash on and off every now and then. I had nothing better to do than take pictures of the bridge from the Presidio. I have had worse days.

Some friends and I got tickets to the Noir fest at the Castro Theatre tonight as well.

Never not a good time.

The theatre is so absolutely amazing inside, and they take so much care with the movies that they choose to show.

Tonight we watched Raw Deal. It was a great night for a bit of dark crime drama.

Afterwards we went for drinks. I had a Bloody Mary Tyler Moore and a basket of fries. Again, I have had worse days.

Seems damn near perfect.

If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, or anywhere really, when it's rainy, I find that listening to this Ted Leo song makes it feel a little more like a sunny day. (Thanks Bradley) Do it now.

On the brown side of things I also got a goddamn parking ticket this morning. It was my fault, and someone said a 'rite of passage' of sorts. I refused to let it ruin my day.

I am also staring down the barrel of another tour, but I am trying to keep my wits about me. Sort of.