Tuesday, April 11, 2006

V for Vagina

So I went to see "V for Vendetta" last night, and thought that it was pretty alright. It was the first movie in ages that I was able to stay awake all the way through.
I'm sure that this had little, or nothing to do with the 78 ounce medium Cherry Coke that I was issued upon arrival at the theatre.

I mean really, it's easily the size of my head.

It was a pretty good time though. People got dressed up as their favorite character, or maybe just sort of dark and chain mail-ed, or maybe they weren't dressed up at all, but to me it seemed like nearly everyone was in costume. I thought of going dressed as Natalie Portman in Beautiful Girls.

Things that you should be hearing.....

I just bought records from The Sword and Dead Low Tide, both of which are fantasmagorical. Here's a few choice cuts, if you will. Sounds like a bunch of bison being pushed over a cliff...maybe.

The Sword- Celestial Crown mp3

The Sword- Freya mp3

The Sword- Iron Swan mp3

Dead Low Tide- Barrel Vault mp3

Dead Low Tide- White Flag mp3

Dead Low Tide- Blues Come Easy mp3

I saw this in Sam Ash today. I guess girls just rock that much harder and need a pink guitar to keep them in check. Whatever, I think it's nice. Despite it being overtly sexist, I kind of want one.

Correction, girls rock harder than Glen Danzig:

Sleater Kinney- Mother (Danzig Cover) mp3

I've just about had it with Citibank and their Matt Lauer attitude.

I am the eggman and/or the walrus..which, according to The Big Lebowski Lexicon means: 'I have just misinterpreted something you said.' More Lebowski, well, all of it, I think here. Eight year-olds, dude.

Actually yes, yes I do.

Here's a live clip from Sixteen Horsepower. That, as they say, is some approximating music...They are, unfortunately, no longer a band, but were pretty special when they were.

From an English-Japanese slang manual...must be why Japanese guys get wicked laid over here.

Speaking of Japanese guys who most likely make out with your girlfriend, Haruki Murakami is being given The Franz Kafka Award which means that there's a good chance that he's up for The Nobel Prize.

If this means nothing at all to you, check here.

Here's a great article from The New York Times on the collaboration between Matthew Barney and Bjork. Possibly the two maddest people alive. Check it out.

I didn't know that John Stewart had a blog. And, unfortunately, I do mean 'had.'

Fuck right off, H and I went to the arcade today.


Too bad most of it was all busted up

...but it was still fun...

I noticed that "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" was out on DVD at the video store down the street from my house. It's also up on You Tube...god bless us every one...

part one

part two

and..Neil Diamond Parking Lot ?

Some really decent DJ sets, if you like that sort of thing. I thought the DJ Shadow one was alright. Listen here.