Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thai Metal

I just noticed this yesterday, and find it to be a fitting testament to how little attention that I sometimes pay to the world around me. In the Thai restaurant down the street they have all of this artwork up on the walls. It's mostly flaming skulls with cobras crawling out of the dead eye sockets or depictions of the crucifixion with a pig in place of Jesus, you know, that sort of thing. I think most of them would look pretty hot under a blacklight, but glaring into my pineapple fried rice is just a little strange. Each of the paintings had numbers beneath them, which corresponded to a price guide on the counter. The most brilliant part of this isn't that the paintings were priced up to and including $2000, but were given the most amazing black metal song title names. I think I'd like the '666 Libido' in the foyer and maybe 'Human Combustion' over the mantle or in the boudoir, I just can't decide. Whoever said that Agoraqphobic Nosebleed hasn't contributed anything positive to our society is quite mistaken.

Here's some music which I was listening to yesterday because it was raining, but it's some pretty good sunny day stuff as well.

The Spinto Band- Oh Mandy

The Webb Brothers- Ms. Moriarty

Midlake- Van Occupanther

Mates of State- Think Long

L7- Moonshine

I missed the show last night...

Shellac- Watch Song

Here Kitty-Kitty