Monday, March 19, 2007

How do you say 'holy shit my head is on fire' in French?

I'm in Paris today, as you may have imagined. I just spent a solid week in London doing four straight shows there. The weather was absolutely amazing, and it was a decent, relaxing time. Other than the work in a cold, dark theatre in the worst possible part of town my week was really great (oh, and the no internet thing was a slight pain in the ass as well). Now, however, I am officially in Euro land, and officially on tour again. More time on the bus, less time in hotels. More time in Germany and France, less time in hotels. You get the idea. When I first got in to London I got to see Ally. He was in town sorting out his visa so that he can continue living in both LA and New Orleans simultaneously. We wandered around for a while. I got a sweet Merc jacket and some dim sum, and we went to go see Hot Fuzz, the new movie by the Shaun of the Dead folk (never to be realeased in the states, I'd imagine). It was hilarious. It also cost just more than $50 for two people to go see a movie on a weekday afternoon. Oh, and I had a small soda too. The guy behind the counter actually said 'please enjoy your incredibly expensive movie,' seriously.

Then we went to go see Spamalot. Musical theatre is essentially a crime against humanity, but this was actually done pretty well. It was basically 'The search for the holy grail,' but with more singing. I was into it.

So was Ally

Yeah, I've tried that, with mixed results. Not sure if it's ever really been 'right' though.


Light Show within.

Total Killjoy

London was the end of our catering for the tour. From here on out it looks like buy-outs or a lot of cheese and bread. So it goes. The one thing that I was particularly attached to was the classy juicer that we had. It reduced a whole apple to delicious juice in the blink of an eye. I figured I was drinking around 16 carrots, 6 apples, and 10 celery stalks a day. I am turning slightly orange and I can hear what dogs think. Is that strange?

I may have gone to the Victoria and Albert museum. A place that houses thousands of years of design history. Ancient artifacts abound. I was actually there to see the Kylie Minogue exhibit. It was less about my respect for her illustrious career (although I can't get that song 'I can't get you out of my head' out of my head, wait, what?) and more an opportunity to shop for someone's birthday. Oh, the sacrafices men make. It was actually a pretty cool show, and would have been much cooler if it weren't flooded with schoolgirls. Never thought I'd hear myself say that. On the way out of the gallery there was a wall where you could leave a little post-it note for Kylie. I thought that these two pretty much summed it all up for me.

There never really is an easy way to suggest to a group of guys that they should sit down to pee. I would suggest maybe not drawing in the tackle next time, it just makes people point and laugh.

Sometimes it's comforting although I usually see it as a clever trick. You know that somewhere in there is a trapdoor that leads to a dark room where fat ladies from Oklahoma meet their maker.

I got to play the Nintendo Wii for the first time yesterday. I'm not a big video game guy, but I'd heard so much about the damn thing that I was pretty intrigued. I had also read about the staggering number of people who had let go of the wireless controller while playing the bowling game and broken their TVs. That alone made me want to give it a go. It is a truly bizarre little thing. I felt much like the way the Incas felt when they saw Spanish horses. Terrified, but fascinated.

About 3 more weeks. Seems like half a lifetime when you can't even communicate with people at home. It all seems so far away for some reason.