Friday, August 01, 2008

Cape Disappointment

It's been a typical SF summer here since I've been home, which generally means cold and foggy. It's an ominous, low lying fog that seems to come and go from block to block in the city. I always pity the hordes of tourists in shorts and t-shirts trekking over the bridge, all looking very stiff and blue.

The secret is to drive 10 miles North into Marin, just above the fog belt into the land of seemingly eternal summer. Yesterday I went up to the beach because I was feeling both cold and claustrophobic in the city.

You could see the fog creeping in over the bay just a bit further south. I lay in the warm sand for about an hour, and then went to get a massage and Thai food, just to make myself right with the world.

I leave for Japan on Wednesday. I leave for Korea the following Monday, then Singapore on Wednesday, and Australia on Friday. I will leave bits of my better sense scattered across the South Pacific.