Thursday, April 27, 2006

Belle and/or Sebastian Owes Me Money

It's true.

Those fucks owe me around ten grand for the last tour that I did with them.

Here's a nice picture of their lead singer dressed like a Christmas tree with black socks:

Here's what my month is shaping up to look like:
A month of European drudgery. Trying to maintain my sanity while in Bavaria.

May 3rd ZURICH, Rote Fabrik @ Aktionshalle
May 5th PARIS, Bataclan
May 6th PARIS, Bataclan
May 7th LUDWIGSHAFEN, Feierabendhaus
May 8th AMSTERDAM, Paradiso
May 11th COLOGNE, E-Werk
May 12th HAMBURG, Grosse Freiheit
May 13th MALMO, KB
May 14th OSLO, Rockefeller
May 15th TRONDHEIM, Samfundet
May 17th STOCKHOLM, Berns
May 18th GOTHENBURG, Tradgarn
May 19th COPENHAGEN, Vega
May 21st BERLIN, Columbiahalle
May 22nd MAINZ, Kuz
May 23rd MUNICH, Tonhalle
May 24th MILAN, Rolling Stone
May 25th MODENA, Vox

Here's what my month is shaping up to look like if ten thousand dollars is not wired into my account by four o'clock today:

I don't mean to gripe. Correction. I DO mean to gripe. How difficult is it to pay someone for the work that they have done? That's retorical, or the answer should be 'not very.' I have very little recourse in my line of work, unfortunately. It's not as if I'm a brick layer who's been screwed out of 50 bucks and can just go drive my car through the brick wall that I've just completed. I deal in a more ethereal, intangible trade, and cannot reclaim my intellectual property as easily unless, say, I start poking out eyes. This is me giving your band the skunk eye from across the Atlantic. Dicks.

In an unrelated topic: What the hell have I done to my toes? If any of them fall off I'll be sure to let everyone know, stat.

The escalator is now stairs

Mitch Hedberg always makes me laugh.