Saturday, October 06, 2007

Air Show Disasters

Somewhere in there I've lost the idea of having my vacations (read as the time when I am not working 18 hours a day, sleeping a few hours a night on a moving bus, and generally harboring every possible disease at the same time) not be my own. I am considering charging rent for my couch. It's a pretty nice couch. Sort of a pale green in color and comfy as shit. Last week I rescued Jamie from his camping trip gone awry and dragged him home with me. We were meant to head North for a few days where I had planned on gourmet camping and relaxing a bit. Instead the clutch kicked the bucket on the old camper van and Jamie had to coast the little bastard into Fairfax, about 40 minutes from my house. I picked him, his guitar, and his week's worth of groceries up and dropped them at my place. It was nice to have him around, and it was nice to have Lexi's friend Chris around, and it was nice to have Ally and his folks around, and it was get the idea. Too much nice makes it all not so much. All the same...we hit the beach at night.

And then again during the day...

I leave for another tour on Tuesday. Too soon, too soon. I hadn't even thought about it at all until just now. It's not a bad one. Just over 2 weeks, and it's mostly easy going. Still...always missing California.

It has been fleet week here in SF. It differs greatly from NY fleet week wherein sailors get monumentally sauced downtown and throw barstools through windows and generally raise as much hell as the Navy can possibly raise in a few days. Here we get an air show.

It was the perfect day for it as well.

There was also a fly-over of the new Airbus A380, the double-decker airliner that is the size of a NY apartment building with wings. It was really impressive. They flew it really low over the bay just to show off. There was a gulfstream flying alongside that looked like a raisin next to a tank. Thanks to Harls for being an airline buff and telling me to go. It was damn cool.

I bought an iphone yesterday. I think I love it. The set-up process, while remarkably difficult, has only taken me 30 hours or so, which is pretty good considering what I've been reading online about people not having a working phone (or having a fully functional 'ibrick') for a week or so. To be fair it's a pretty ambitious concept to have customers activate their own phones and port their own numbers and such. I don't have a picture of it, and you are basically a mongoloid if you don't know what it looks like, so here's a picture of a lamp.

I just got a flu shot and Turbonegro is in town tomorrow...that just about brings us up to date. Kansas City is calling my name (via Houston, on a Continental flight...bastard).