Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Little Gun-Shy at the Airport

This is starting to get ridiculous.

It's been a good hiatus. A week and change, and no internet. I just got back from Australia tonight. I bought a new coat in Sydney yesterday. Today it is 80 degrees. I am quite confused. I'm sitting on my couch in Brooklyn. I haven't been here in a month. There is much catching up to do. I can unpack my suitcase, sleep until noon and go watch movies in the middle of the day. Most importantly, I 'd like a beverage, and I am confounded by the profound lack of these in my apartment.

It's a trade-off these days. Winter or summer. I was begging for some warmth in Australia, and now the A/C is set to 14 degrees and it still feels like Calcutta in the kitchen. I suppose this beats the ever-present storm belt looming over downtown Sydney that caused the clouds to hemorage water about every 45 minutes.

It's nice to be back for now. I don't know if I need a shit or a haircut. When I get my act together I'll catch up....promise.