Monday, August 28, 2006

Things That Make Me Laugh On A Gloomy Day

Fishing at Catalina. (By fishing I mean waking up at dawn, drinking Budweiser until noon and then sleeping away most of the afternoon in the sun) I didn't catch a damn thing, but I saw a bald Eagle up close...which was nice.

Riding around New Orleans in the back of someone's pick-up at four in the morning. Fairly self-explanatory really.

Chasing Elk on the Lost Coast of California.

Photobooth at an arcade in Tokyo.

Mexican circus.

This picture.

The time I pasted a picture of myself over my friend Matt's face on a picture of he and his mom that he had on a bulletin board over his desk. He didn't think it was very funny, but it still makes me laugh.

Kamil being 'Papertowel Face.'

Well...I feel much better.

This Fucking Carpet Makes Me Feel Like I'm In Fucking Las Vegas

That's what the old woman screamed at me today as I was walking up Mott Street, minding my own business. For the record I was in downtown Manhattan, no carpet anywhere. Also, for the record, people are goddamn insane today. It's still rainy and the sun hasn't been out in days.

While it is a bit rainy, it is New York after all, not the Amazon basin. I find this type of attire to be unacceptable, and more so, personally offensive.

I saw this ad on the subway today. It's some sort of fundraiser for the World Trade Center. I'm sensitive to the current climate of rampant, blind patriotism and all, but the last time I checked, the World Trade Center was over one hundred floors of office buildings housing some of the world's wealthiest companies, and it was heavily insured. Why, exactly would the architects and builders of the 'freedom tower' need twenty bucks from me? Maybe I'm just a dick, but I'm not up for contributing to something called 'reflecting absence.'

That's not to say that I'm unpatriotic. I mean, check this out.

I'm the big winner...for real this time.

Thanks to the good folks who decided to park their carpet in the middle of Manhattan Ave, really making me feel like I live in a Warsaw ghetto..wait, it that negative? Maybe that's what that crazy lady was screaming about this morning.

Antidote: Banksy. Bringing a bit of sunshine to Brooklyn.